Design Thinking Week or The Game Changer Week!

Design Thinking Week was very intense and exhaustive. But it helped us to explore new perspectives of our challenge. The various tools and methods involved in the DT process enabled us to assess and organise all the information we had along with the new information we gathered during this week. During this process, we explored different direction and toyed with multiple new ideas, which in turn enabled us to reframe our challenge. By the end of the week, we had a new challenge and a new solution in our hand. We prototyped and visualised the latest version of our challenge.

For our client’s discretion, we are going to assign them a different name. let’s call them “Volt.”

Context mapping

Keeping in mind our challenge from last semester’s Volt project /HMW help Volt enter the Spanish market?/, we sketched an economic climate which tells us about the general situation around the project.

Volt is already in Spain, and now it’s time to understand better and analyse local market and consumers from inside. Having a bonus “Made in Germany” and a better understanding of local customers needs and expectations could provide successful sales, partnerships and business in general. We discovered that possible partners for Volt could be not only from construction and rental side, but new business and startups can also bring new opportunities, ways of collaboration and freshness to the company. At the same time, it’s necessary to highlight that construction market in Spain growing up again and here a lot of options to work in the Green Energy sector and renewable energy. The most significant missing points from Volt for now compared to competitors are digital technologies & experience, branding.

Using tools such as /Creating Persona/ and /Stakeholders mapping/ our team tried to look from the eyes of Volt. That’s why as a persona, we took the owner of holding company, which holds Volt. Answering the questions we understand, he wants to innovate the company, create an Volt DNA and lead a successful business in Spain and other countries. But before doing that it’s necessary to understand company value and create a unified value within the organisation. We realised one of the pain points for this was the traditional mindset, and resistance for change in structure, while gains are ‘full of hope’ and ‘wants to change and innovate’.

During this process, another disruptive moment was Lotus Blossom Flower map. We mapped different ideas and grouping related ideas with respect to its nature. We came up with eight ideas; which were as follows.

  • Company Culture
  • Market Strategy
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Branding
  • Social responsibility
  • New services
  • Shoot for the Moon-ideas

From which we were encouraged to choose the high-risk ideas; Hence we shortlisted “Shoot for the Moon-ideas” + “Social responsibility.”

And we narrowed down to Energy Innovation Hub powered by Volt + Circular economy/recycling.

Developing the idea, prototyping and testing.

We believe that if Volt will create and build Energy Innovation Hub in Barcelona and invite experts and students to work and do research to explore possibilities of the circular economy, it will help them to grow, have a strong brand, be innovative and help the Planet. To test our hypothesis, we did quick interviews with random people and asked what they feel about this project.

Learnings from the prototype.

People were positive with this idea, and they wanted to get involved in the Hub. They suggested to include programs and activities for ordinary people, so they can work and help as well.

Below are the summed up version the response we received;
“I am sure, and this project will create good social impact and better value for the company.”
“It is good to involve young, open-minded and eco-oriented people.”

By the end of the Design Thinking Week, our team came up with the new challenge /HMW help Volt to create Energy Innovation hub in Barcelona?/


Following which our next step will be to prototyping the Hub with all segments, new audiences, possible partners etc.


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